Our Story

We’re just a group who love old houses.  One by one, we’re helping our neighbors love them too – and after almost a decade, we still think that’s pretty cool. 

Travis started the company while working on his own fixer-upper, and before long he was working with a small team of helpers to repair and improve other homes in the area.  It turns out there aren’t a lot of contractors who want to work on older homes in Dallas, and even fewer who take the time to learn how to do it rightThat’s all we do.

As the company has grown, we’ve maintained our focus on craftsmanship We’re woodworkers at heart, and we’ve found the attention to detail that’s required in woodworking is what makes us unique in the contracting business, especially when it comes to historic homes.  


Our Leadership Team

Travis Ripley

Travis grew up in Keller, on the north side of Fort Worth. The son of an engineer,weekends were often spent building a deck, playset, or whatever the latest invention of his fathers’ was - ...

Austin Beavers

Director of Operations
Austin was raised in both Coppell and Winnsboro, TX gaining two very different ways of life. He grew up watching his grandfather work in his woodshop and was instant ...

Michelle Roberson

Financial Director
Michelle reached out to us in 2021, interested in woodworking and eager to learn some new skills.  She asked us not to hold her degree from Texas A&M against her (we’ve traditionally leaned ...

Liz Gibson

Lead Designer
A fellow historic district resident and enthusiast, Liz has a passion for remaking aging properties into modern masterpieces that hold true to their vintage roots.  Travis and the early members of ...